How to deal with feelings and where can you find spiritual advisors?

Our brain and body cooperate with each other. At the point when an idea jumps out at us, our mind discharges different hormones that impact our body and well-being. Healthiness is characterized as not only the nonattendance of illness and indications; it is a condition of well-being, essentialness and being complete.

Our health may affect by the non-existence of optimistic approach and disturbed feelings in or lives. Rather than being proactive and settling on decisions for our happiness, we respond to things that happen in our lives, and battle or escape to minimize our torment. Here we will discuss how to handle feelings and also discuss spiritual tips which may be helpful to deal with them.


Rather than choosing to end an unfortunate relationship and open up to a superior one, we might stay and either keeps away from showdown or start one to feel a feeling of control. Rather than leaving a frightful employment to discover one we cherish, we might stay and whine about it constantly, attempting to minimize the torment of tolerating the circumstance as genuine—and persevering until we transform it.

Experts stated this thought as the missing connection as far as achievement and viability in life. It didn’t appear to bode well why individuals with high IQs and predominant thinking, verbal, and math abilities could at the present battle in social and professional circumstances.

If one has a high EIQ, you likely control your feelings well; handle instabilities and troubles without inordinate frenzy, push, and fear; and abstain from overcompensating to circumstances before knowing the full points of interest.  If you have a low EIQ, you may be oversensitive to other individuals’ sentiments, fixate on issues until you locate a solid, and every now and again feel a tidal wave of feelings that you can’t ascribe to a particular life occasion. Alternately as such, you might feel awful much more frequently than you feel great.

Comprehend what emotional intelligence is all about

Comprehend what emotional intelligence is all about

Therapist Daniel Goleman recognized five components to emotional intelligence mindfulness, self-regulation, inspiration, compassion, and social attitudes. This implies you to understand what’s happening in your mind and heart; you don’t settle on hurried choices on the drive; you can inspire yourself to postpone satisfaction; you listen to, understand, and identify with other individuals well; and you’re ready to concentrate on other individuals.

Choose meditation to deal with feelings

Choose meditation to deal with feelings

Do you habitually form a hasty opinion without knowing every one of the realities? Do you require other individuals’ endorsement to feel great in your own skin? Do you expect to know what other individuals feel and assume liability for that? Work on watching your sentiments and assuming liability for them.

Essentially discover the circumstances and end results, i.e.: your manager appeared to be miserable with your work, so now you feel pushed, or your life partner communicated disappointment, so now you feel terrified. At whatever time you feel something uncomfortable that you’d rather maintain a strategic distance from, put an amplifying glass on it.

When you recognize what you feel, you can now challenge both the reason and the impact.

You can ask yourself regardless of whether you’re going overboard to the occasion or stressing to discover a feeling of control. And after that you can acknowledge that there is an option—you can translate the circumstance an alternate way, calm yourself, and after that vibe something other than what’s expected.

Learn to Sit with Negative Feelings

Regardless of the possibility that you reframe a circumstance to see things in an unexpected way, there will be times when despite everything you feel something that appears to be negative. While not each circumstance requires alarm, at times our sentiments are suitable for the occasions going ahead in our lives.

We are permitted to feel whatever we have to feel. When we lose somebody, we feel hurt. If we hurt somebody, we feel regretful. When we commit an error, we’re permitted to feel remorseful. The positive deduction can be an intense instrument for bliss, however, it’s more impeding than accommodating on if we utilize it to abstain from managing life.

Agony is a part of life, and we can’t dodge it by opposing it. We can just minimize it by tolerating it and managing it well.

That implies feeling the agony and knowing it will pass. No inclination keeps going forever. It implies sitting in the inconvenience and holding up before acting. There will come a period when you feel recuperated and enabled.

How to control feeling with the help of Spiritual advisors

How to control feeling with the help of Spiritual advisors

The best journey a person can experience is the spiritual voyage—the quest for otherworldly learning that stays us in our most profound otherworldly waters while we remain completely cruised in every one of the quests for human life. A spiritual guide or advisor is one who offers you in this disclosure some assistance with processing and in an art of human expressions of profound practice adjusted with success and spirituality.

A spiritual teacher is truly like a mountain guide taking you up the undeniably higher heaps of spirituality discernment (and experience) while likewise driving you through the valleys of human bounty. Otherworldly direction compasses both universes, invisible spiritual universe, and a physical or real universe.

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A spiritual teacher or advisor works with you on levels most agreeable to you. This incorporates passionate or reverential, scholarly or supernatural learning, through unobtrusive vitality (vigorous) transmission, psychically through channels of the spirit’s higher forces. These are all methodologies open to you in the considerable customs of spiritual adventures, talked about in illustration or allegory by spiritual teachers or perceptive logicians—from exceptionally old time to our contemporary 21st century year.

Meaning of Blood Moons and Solar Eclipses

When the moon is between the Earth and the sun, a solar eclipse occurs and a shadow is cast over the Earth by the moon. A solar eclipse only takes place at the stage of a new moon. This is when the moon passes in a straight line connecting the sun and Earth. The moon’s shadow then falls on the surface of the Earth.

Solar Eclipses

This eclipse happens when the moon is covered up by the sun. Safety measures are called for when viewing a total solar eclipse. Make sure no direct sunlight reaches your eye, and do not look at the sun directly.

There are four kinds of solar eclipses which are:

  • Total solar eclipses
  • Partial solar eclipses
  • Annular solar eclipses
  • Hybrid solar eclipses

How Solar Eclipses are Predicted

  • Eclipses do not occur with every new moon. The reason for this is that the moon’s orbit is slanted slightly over 5 degrees relative to the Earth’s orbit surrounding the sun. Due to this, the moon’s shadow normally passes either below or above the earth therefore, a solar eclipse does not happen.
  • At least twice every year or five times a new moon lines up in a way that eclipses the sun. This alignment position is referred to as a node.
  •  How close a new moon advances towards a node determines whether a specific eclipse is partial or central. Another determinant factor is the distance between the moon and the Earth. Also, the Earth’s distance from the sun determines whether a central eclipse is hybrid, total or annular.

blood-moon-meaningBlood Moons

  • Of late, Blood Moons is a subject that has generated a lot of interest especially with the escalation of the situation in the Middle East. It is sad that a lot of Christians do not comprehend how many of the happenings in today’s world were prophesied very many years ago.

Description of a Blood Red Moon

  • A blood red moon simply means a total lunar eclipse. This occurs when the sun, moon and earth line up in a straight line with the earth in the center and the moon is in the shadow of the earth. This gives the moon a reddish color. Total lunar eclipses rarely appear and between 2014 and 2020, will just occur seven times.

Biblical significance of Blood Red Moons

  • To answer this question comprehensively, it is important to refer to the book of Leviticus. In Lev.23:1 God spoke to Moses and commanded him to observe 7 feasts. These feasts are celebrated once a year and the requirements for each are different. Each feast symbolizes a future event which would occur. Four of these feasts have been fulfilled already which are:
  • Passover
  • Unleavened bread
  • First Fruits
  • Pentecost
  • God arranged these feasts in order about 2000 years before Jesus first appeared. The Passover feast was planned to start on the 14th day of the first month (Jesus crucified). The feast of unleavened bread was to commence the next night (Jesus buried in the tomb). The feast of first fruits was to start 3 days later (Jesus raised).
  • The feast of Pentecost was to start 50 days after that. It was exactly 50 days after this when the Holy Spirit was presented (Acts 2). Something very important took place during every spring feast.
  • Every time the Blood red moons have fallen at the same time with the Jewish feasts, a very important occurrence took place in Israel. Some people have guessed it to be the rapture, though it is a bit early to speculate on what might happen in future. This is because other events mentioned in the bible have to happen first.
  • However, the evidence presented in God’s Word and the escalating events in the Middle East shows that it would not be wrong for us to think that these blood red moons are a sign to get ready.

What Will Happen After US Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy refers to a lawful acknowledgement of the collapse of a person or company. The control of these cases is handled by particular bankruptcy courts. The process, criteria and terms and conditions are different from state to state and rely on different factors.

It offers a solution for circumstances where debts which are outstanding cannot be met and no agreement can be reached with the creditors.

US Bankruptcytown-sign-96612_1280


  • America seems to be in big trouble because of the way it deals with its debts.
  • The liberals in this country acknowledge that the US is accumulating deficits which cannot be sustained. The liberals also however, strongly refuse any efforts to be made about this.
  • However, this is a natural trend when public funds are allocated towards special interests. There is a lot of collective money which not many people appreciate even when millions of money is saved. In this regard, people should be aware that this country is on the brink of going bankrupt soon, if serious measures are not taken to control spending.

What are the Repercussions of US going Bankrupt?

  • Overnight, all the money you have saved all your life could be reduced to nothing. However, governments normally print more money when they are unable to pay their debts. The disadvantage with this is when you grow the supply of money, the more the money at hand loses value.
  • People’s taxes will increase drastically. Governments are under the misconception that taxing the rich heavily to offset their debts will solve the problem, but this does not work. This signifies that with the increase in desperation of the government, the average American is going to be burdened with additional taxes.
  • Your life will be endangered. If the government becomes bankrupt, a lot of people will be very annoyed confused and frustrated. They will lose faith in the leaders due to the bad economy and inability of the government to sustain order. In these circumstances, a lot of rioting and crimes which are violent are likely.
  • The payments the government makes to you will reduce drastically or stop. Despite the beliefs of some people, Medicare and Social Security are paid from the same source which pays for other things also. What this means is that if the government goes bankrupt, there will not be any money allocated for paying these programs. Therefore, if you receive Medicare, Social Security, food stamps, welfare and other programs which are similar, this will stop.
  • Your standard of living will lower dramatically. If there is an escalation of taxes and inflation, which is bound to happen if the country goes bankrupt, economic activities will slow down and the country will go into a depression. This depression would be the worst ever experienced. All businesses will close down, unemployment will rise and the government will be unable to assist.


If bankruptcy occurs in a country like America, where people have prospered for a very long period of time, this will generate a lot of misery.

It is not very enjoyable being poor, but the situation is worse when one is reduced from leading a contented life with a great future, to farming in the backyard so as to get vegetables to eat and worrying about how to generate warmth in the winter.

Angel Watching Us

A reporter from the Wall Street Journal visited the Libyan’s Surveillance center in Tripoli after the city’s fall and observed that the authorities had been monitoring everything such as mobile and satellite phones and the internet. Emails and online conversations between Gaddafi’s rivals were included in some files.

Likewise, in Syria US equipment assists Bashar al-Assad’s regime to gag the internet and recover passwords and logins to get into people’s emails, Twitter or Facebook pages. This tool is especially helpful in tracking the exchanges opponents have with internal or foreign links.

Three_Surveillance_camerasEquipment Used to Monitor Mail

  • This technology is called ‘Deep Packet Inspection (DPI). When a person sends an email, a number of servers pass it on to the recipient. Every server transmits the message on to the next, only looking at the address of the recipient but not the contents.
  • DPI technology enables people to read the content of internet communication, revise it and even send it to a different person.

Confidential New Industry

  • The latest Wikileaks publication of various internal credentials from these companies indicates that communications network monitoring is being undertaken secretly in 25 countries.
  • DPI was in the limelight in 2006 when a former technician with US internet provider AT&T revealed the fact that DPI technology had been installed in the center of the country’s internet network. This was in collaboration with the US National Security Agency.
  • The stream of data over the internet is inclusive of the web, instant messaging, emails, phone conversations, and many more. Many of these messages are not encrypted therefore it is simple for it to be monitored by state security services.

Lawful Surveillance

  • DPI technology is also utilized in legal surveillance. In France, police may monitor a suspect’s exchanges when conducting an investigation. This is done with the authority of a judge and the National Committee for the Control of Security Interceptions.
  • Concerned about the high number of European companies using these technologies, the European parliament is trying to pass a ban on the sale of systems for monitoring text messages, phone calls or presenting targeted internet supervision, if this information is used to contravene democratic rights.
  • In 2011 the EU council became more restrictive with Syria, and banned the export of software and equipment meant to be used in the supervision of internet and telephone interactions by the Syrian government.
  • Surveillance software can undergo testing in governments of police states who want to monitor their whole population. This can be done in real conditions.

Security Cameras

  • It is common nowadays to see security cameras installed at different places. A number of nations worldwide have discovered the great potential these devices possess, especially in fighting crime.
  • Because crime has risen drastically, security and agencies for law enforcement require being alert on illegal, antisocial and immoral crimes. Security cameras are normally installed at different public places and streets, so as to monitor all that happens in their vicinity. This ensures the safety of premises and the people surrounding it.
  • It has been noted that the availability of security cameras at strategic points in public places deters crimes such as robbery and murder.


Many Countries implement the monitoring of citizens as a means of curbing crime.

This is especially important in this age of terrorism.

The Gospel of Mary

The Gospel of Mary is a book which was revealed in 1896 in a papyrus codex for the 5th century. Even though the work is famously known as the Gospel of Mary, it is not technically classified as gospel.

For instance, Andrew Bernhard states that the term ‘gospel’ is utilized as a brand name for any text written which mainly focuses on recalling the experiences and behavior of Jesus in his adult life.

Which Mary Gospel_of_Maryis being referred to?

  • Learned people have different opinions on which Mary from the New Testament is the main character in the Gospel of Mary. Some are of the opinion that she symbolizes Mary, Jesus’ mother.
  • Opinions favoring Mary Magdalene base their opinion on her position as a known adherent of Jesus, as she is the first one who witnessed his resurrection and her earlier appearance in other Christian literature. Mention is made of her traveling with Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew, and she was in attendance at his crucifixion.
  • De Boer makes comparisons on her role to other writings emphasizing that in the Gospel of Mary, Peter is the one who opposes Mary’s words as she is a woman.
  • In Pistis Sophia, the Mary involved is recognized as Mary Magdalene. In the last scene in the Gospel of Mary, evidence shows that Mary is in actual fact, Mary Magdalene. Levi defends Mary and her ideas and tells Peter that the Savior knows her well which is why he loved her more than them. In the Gospel of Philip, a similar remark is made about Mary Magdalene.

The Interpretation

  • The Gospel of Mary is normally interpreted as a Gnostic content. According to Pheme Perkins, based on thirteen works, the Gospel adapts a similar format to other popular Gnostic dialogues which surround a disclosure framed by descriptive elements.
  • Generally, the dialogues are related with the recognition of the Savior as a reminder to people of their attachment with God and real identity and also the understanding of the believer that salvation means returning to God and freedom from issues after death.
  • The Gospel of Mary has two of these discourses which include mention of New Testament individuals who are Mary, Peter, Levi and Andrew. It also contains an account of sin as adultery which also falls into a Gnostic version.
  • Also, scholars take note that the 5th century Coptic description of the Gospel is a branch of the Berlin Codex together with the Aspocryphone of John and The Sophia of Jesus Christ. These are usually regarded as Gnostic content.
  • Bart D. Ehrman says that Mary Magdalene is regarded highly among Jesus’ apostles. Levi essentially admits that Jesus loved her more than the other apostles. Mary admitted to having held a conversation with Jesus although Peter and Andrew cast doubt on this. This cannot be verified, because there are four pages missing from the manuscript.
  • However, De Boer is of the opinion that the Gospel of Mary should not be read specifically as a Gnostic text. Rather, its interpretation should be based in a broader Christian perspective.

Karen King’s Views

  • The view that Mary of Magdala was a prostitute is an error and signifies the most obvious and convincing disagreement in any Christian writing one earlier, for the authenticity of women’s guidance.
  • In conclusion, King claims that the structure of the content and text, guides the reader inwards in the direction of identity, freedom and power of the actual self. Also, the soul gets liberated from the Powers of Matter and the fear of death.

Earth Population Problems Can Cause The End of The World

For the past couple of decades it irrefutable that the Earth’s human population has rapidly escalated at an alarming rate. In fact a recent demographic survey conducted by United States Census Bureau revealed that the Earth’s inhabitants currently stands at 7.257 billion with China, India and the US topping the list of the most populous countries. Shockingly, it further estimates that by 2020, the world population will be a whopping 7.58 billion with an 8.7 % growth rate in the next 6 years.

Currently, the planet is facing extreme strain as a result of this exponential growth in human population. This is evident in global climatic changes, ozone layer depletion, arable and non-arable land degradation, escalated loss of biodiversity, accelerated accumulation of hazardous organic chemicals and so on.

Over-populationPopulation growth is also a major factor in the rapid upsurge of greenhouse emissions. A 2009 study revealed the link between population growth and global warming through the “carbon legacy” concept. The study conveniently pointed out that a single child is astonishingly capable of producing about 20 times the amount of greenhouse gas emissions compared to that an average adult will save by driving a high-mileage vehicle or using energy-saving appliances such as light bulbs. In the United States, for every child born an additional 9,440 metric tons of carbon dioxide is emitted as compared to the parent’s carbon legacy.

Fast forwarding to water pollution, the World Water Assessment Programme (WWAP) 2003 report, estimates that approximately 2 million tons of industrial and domestic effluents are discharged in global water masses, every day. In fact, this weight is equivalent to that of 6.8 billion people! Water pollutants linked to increased population growth include microbial pathogens, toxic heavy metals and agrochemicals.

Scientific research backed by Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) has addressed food insecurity as an issue of major concern due to this population growth.The State of Food Insecurity in the World 2013  report revealed that one in every eight people is suffers from chronic hunger.Ironically, efforts to counteract food insecurity are catastrophically adding fuel to the fire as proposed solutions come with a heavy price tag. For instance, ongoing legalisation of GMCs, will ultimately lead to adverse health effects that include immune suppression, impaired insulin regulation and adverse changes in the gastrointestinal systems as American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) explains.

As population growth increases, the cost and energy demand has also skyrocketed as fossil fuel reserves run dry. Numerous governments are now opting for more stable and high energy production options with the most suitable solution being nuclear energy. However, despite the strategic energy regulation polices by countries adopting nuclear energy, disposal of nuclear power plant wastes still remains to be comprehensively addressed.

On the brighter side, various strategies to counter population growth have been laid out. This include global campaigns and education forums on family planning and environmental awareness. Even as demographic estimates show that by 2015, about 90% of the biosphere’s population growth will inevitably be experienced in developing nations, it’s up to the entire human race to man upto its mistakes.